7 Ways Coffee Makes You Smarter, Faster, Better

We at Plant Theory are constantly educating ourselves so that we can continue to put out valuable content so that you can live a better and more fulfilled life. That objective drives the content we put out and the innovate products we develop to meet your ever growing needs.

We came across an article at inc.com titled 7 Ways Coffee Makes You Smarter, Faster, Better written by Geoffrey James, where he covered some really interesting ways coffee makes you a smarter person! We couldn’t believe it ourselves, although we think we are pretty smart, it was validated by inc.com! But in all seriousness, coffee is an incredible and powerful supplement. We love it at Thrive and thought we’d share a few of the interesting ways Coffee makes you a smarter and overall better person! Check out a few of the highlights below:

  • Coffee improves your immune system!
  • Coffee makes you stronger!
  • Coffee makes you work smart without sleep!

Getting healthier, stronger and with less sleep! How can you pass this stuff up!? Although we require a full 8 hours of sleep, we must say that a piping hot cup of caffeinated fuel freshly mixed with our Original Creamer seriously does the trick.  

For more, check out Geoffrey’s article at inc.com. See link below: