How to Use

General instructions: We recommend adding one scoop of Plant Theory original creamer to any 8oz cup of your favorite cup of whatever. It works well as a delicious coffee creamer replacement, but it also works for tea, blended shakes and smoothies. As always, add more or less to preference.


The Traditional Way – Coffee

As many of you are already aware, Coffee & Cream tend to go hand-in-hand. The following is how to use your original plant-based creamer in Coffee, both hot and cold/cold-brew. 


Cup of Coffee – Hot

  • Add one scoop of original plant-based creamer to 8oz of your favorite cup of coffee
  • Try using an electronic hand frother or mini whisk the original plant-based creamer for an incredible mouth feel
  • Everyone’s pallet is different. If you like a really creamy cup of coffee, try 1.5-2 scoops of the original plant-based creamer! Don’t be afraid to try different ways!
  • For cold drinks, first mix in a hot beverage to ensure the healthy oils in your Plant Theory original plant-based creamer fully dissolve, then pour over ice or refrigerate to chill.
  • For Shakes and smoothies, Simply add the original plant-based creamer to taste and mix well in a blender.