Natural Flavors vs. Real Food Ingredients


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Let's talk about ingredients.

Have you noticed when you pick up most products on your grocery shelf OR products you order online that they are advertising "Natural Flavors"? Ever wondered what natural flavors actually are?

So did we.......

Turns out they aren't so natural. Fortunately, our creamers avoid any of these "natural flavors". We only use real food flavorings, like hazelnut oil, from...actual hazelnuts (gasp). No need for respirators, protective eyewear, danger signs, or combustible dust precautions (seriously can't believe that's a thing with natural flavorings). We just use simple hazelnut oil. And guess what? It tastes better.

The photo collage (above) comes from our research archives when we were formulating our products. We weren't even comfortable touching "natural flavors" let alone eating/drinking them, but we were told it's the only way to achieve good flavor. We disagreed 100% and set out to fix that misconception. Check out our label, you won't be disappointed with our ingredients. Meantime, check out what's in your fridge and pantry you might be surprised at the amount of "natural flavors" you come across. For an even more fun exercise try to find out what's actually in the "natural flavorings" contained in your food (hint* you won't).