Dark Chocolate Coconut Dessert Bites



We constantly get asked, "how do you use this product?". We love this question because there are SO MANY ways to answer. We love to share with you all just how versatile our products are and we are focused on sharing unique recipes for you to enjoy! Yes, it goes far beyond Coffee!! 

Our friend @theketogenicmermaid WOWs her audience on a daily basis with great-tasting recipes. She created Dark Chocolate Coconut Dessert Bites using our Original Plant-Based Creamer and the results, well, we fell in love! Plus, they are keto-friendly!


Prep time: 10 minutes  — Yield: 14 servings


    • 1/2 cup @nutiva coconut manna
    • 4T unsweetened shredded coconut
    • 2 scoops @getplanttheory original
    • 15 drops Coconut flavored liquid sweetener
    • 1/2-3/4c @choczero baking chips
    • 1-2T MCT oil or coconut oil


    1. Melt the manna down in the microwave, 30 seconds at a time.
    2. Mix in the shredded coconut, Plant Theory Original Creamer, & liquid sweetener.
    3. Divide into silicone molds and stick in the refrigerator to harden.
    4. Meltdown your chocolate & MCT oil/coconut oil. I did it in the microwave for 1 minute increments on level 3 (30% power)
    5. Once coconut bombs are hard dip in melted chocolate then place back in the refrigerator till you’re ready to eat them.
    6. ENJOY!!!


    14 servings
    Calories- 69.4
    Fat- 6.24 grams
    Protein- .6 grams
    Carbs- 2.5 grams
    Net Carbs- .85 grams