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Recipe: Iced Coffee – our way

Use a Medium Roast Coffee (whole bean if you can) Grind ~11.25 grams for 8 oz of coffee Brew using whatever method you prefer. We use a Ninja Brewing Coffee Machine and brew at least 10 oz of water as you will lose some to steam, etc. during this brew method. Pour 8oz into your favorite coffee mug – we recommend you measure 8oz out...

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Recipe: Original Heaven

Original Heaven – Hot (credit @lowcarblexx) 12oz’s of your favorite coffee (this was Starbucks Veranda) 3 tbsp of half and half - frothed  1 tbsp SF Syrup (brown sugar cinnamon) 1 packet Splenda naturals 1 scoop @furtherfood collagen 1 scoop Original Plant Theory Creamer Blend all (except half and half) in blender and pour into your favorite mug Enjoy!

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Recipe: Hot Peppermint Mocha Delight

Add your favorite Coffee (We like @traderjoes) 1 scoop of Plant Theory Creamer – Peppermint Mocha 1 T @skinnymixes white chocolate mocha 1 scoop @furtherfood collagen 2T heavy whipping cream Pint of pink salt Blend and Enjoy! (credit @theketogenicmermaid)

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